Choose Bedroom Furniture To Suit Your Taste

In this months blog post we move into the bedroom. If you think about it, the bedroom is the place in the house where we spend the most time, albeit a lot of that time is spent sleeping! To make you house feel like a home, the bedroom is an important place though. Our recommended supplier of bedroom furniture is the Bedroom Place who specialise in Welcome Furniture. Other suppliers are available though, such as The Bedroom Shop.

The Bedroom Place is a fantastic company who sell many different furniture brands. The furniture brands they have to offer are made up of many different ranges each with their own styles, finishes and pieces available.  One of the brands of furniture that they offer would be welcome furniture; this type has so many different fantastic and high quality ranges available; this means you should be easily available to find something everyone likes. They hallmarks that the pieces have are of a high quality and the furniture itself has been quality tested to check there are no faults and that the pieces are good enough for their clients. The furniture has an age worn dignity which normally would only be able to be achieved through the passage of time, this shows that a lot of effort has gone into making these pieces of furniture. They have the more modern ranges and then the platinum ranges, the modern ranges include ranges such as contrast, Vienna and balmoral, then the platinum ranges include ones such as Montego Bay and Francisco bay. All of the ranges ending in Bay are platinum ranges, apart from Oyster Bay which is one of the more modern ranges.


One of the ranges that they offer is Biscay bay, this range comes in four stunning finishes, and these are Noche walnut, cream, Bardolino oak and white. Then another range is Montego Bay which is only available in two gorgeous, classic finishes which are white high gloss with Bardolino oak and Bardolino oak on its own. The furniture for these ranges are the same as the platinum ranges all have the same pieces of furniture available, the pieces include mirrors, wardrobes and midi chests.


knightsbridge rangeThen there’s Knightsbridge gloss bedroom furniture, which goes off to Knightsbridge teen, this is a smaller range available in red, pink and black so bold eye catching colors. However, Knightsbridge itself comes in mature, sophisticated colors such as Ruby gloss, Aubergine gloss and mushroom gloss; some of the colors like mushroom, Kashmir and white are available as a gloss and a matte finish. Some of the furniture pieces available in this range are drawer deep chests and bookcases. Another popular range is Sherwood; this fantastic range is available in maple, modern oak, walnut and Bordeaux oak. In this range you can get high quality pieces of furniture such as many different size wardrobes, vanity units, knee holes and drawer lockers.


Tips for Making the Perfect Home Cinema

Home-Theater-speaker-guideThe concept of the home theatre, or home cinema became popular in the 1950s. It all started with the easy availability of the 8mm Kodak film in the U.S. Three decades later, in the 1980s, the development of multi-channel sound systems and Laser Disc gave a new dimension to the concept. The technology has come a long way since then and today we have lavish home cinemas all over the world.


Until the early 1990s, a home cinema in the U.S. typically included a Laser Disc/VHS player with a big rear projection TV set. Few also had the expensive front projector version and a dark room to go with.

Towards the end of the 1990s and into 2000, the DVD format, Dolby Digital audio, and HDTV were introduced, revolutionizing the future of home cinema, and in fact, of cinema in general. It progressed into the luxury of 3D and Blue-ray Disc since 2010.

02-composite-home-theater-collective-6305-11 surround sound system with the sub woofer, digital media streaming, HD projector, and 3D glasses, all started gaining popularity from the late 2000s.

Basic requirements

Today, having a home cinema can mean having just the basics, everything fancy, or anything in between. The basics include:

  • Projector CRT
  • LCD
  • DLP
  • OLED
  • Plasma display
  • SXRD
  • Laser rear-projection SDTV
  • Audio/visual receiver with amplifier
  • LaserDisc/DVD/Blue-ray player
  • Satellite receiver or cable connection
  • Console

Setting up a home cinema

In order to set up a home cinema, you need a large room which can be soundproofed, and is not a common passage to other rooms. You may or may not have a theme for the home cinema. You need a layout for the styling of the room and the position of the screen and audio systems.

Audio-Visual setup

According to your budget, you could get the basic AV system if you already have them because they are no longer sold. Or, you could have surround sound system ranging from 5-11 speakers, with sub woofer.

Construction and installation

jmgo_j1_5After the soundproofing is done to the walls and soundproof doors and windows (if any) are installed, the recliners are in, the projector, screen, and sound system need to be installed by professionals. You also need the necessary permits before you can start any of the construction. It is very important to get the right material, and decide the positioning of things right before the installation begins. Drywall, carpeting, screen positioning, and wiring must all go according to plan.

Re modelling

If you already have a home cinema, or if you are looking a few years into the future from your currently new home cinema, here are some tips:

  • Begin with sealing the room with plastic on the doors after the things that need to be replaced have been cleared out.
  • If you need rewiring, get experts for the demolition of the walls, so that only the minimum amount of demolition required is done, unless you want a makeover for the walls as well.
  • Check the new lighting and sound wiring connections before installing the whole system.

You can do a lot with modern rooms, from layered flooring, to hidden wiring. Good luck with all.